Step 1: Select date and time

COVID-19 important notes and booking requirements:

Due to the COVID safe seating capacity restrictions, It is essential that bookings are guaranteed through providing your credit card details and a $20.00 per person cancellation fee will incur If there has been less than 24 hours cancellation notice. We will call you directly for the credit card detail.
Additionally, restaurants are required to request contact details, first name and phone number, of every customer to assist in rapid contact tracing. Please include the required details in the Comment box of the booking form. If this isn’t included in the booking, provide the details on the day to the Ginger Olive staff.

Ginger Olive is being extra vigilant in our hygiene practices and taking extra precautions to do our part, to help slow down/reduce the outbreak of COVID-19, to protect the health and safety of all of our customers, staff members and all of the community. ⁣

-As usual, all tables, chairs, surfaces are sanitised between each seating. ⁣
-As usual, all staff are practicing hand-washing and sanitising their hands at all times. ⁣
-As usual, all staff have been reminded that they must stay home if they are displaying any signs of the cold/flu, or have been in contact with anyone at risk of having the virus, which we also ask the same from our customers. ⁣
-Our outdoor seating is available for your preference. ⁣
-We are continuously monitoring and following the advice from the Australian Health Department. ⁣

⁣Sincerely Ginger Olive team.