Ginger Olive Platter 54.9

Crumbed prawns, seared barramundi, char siu lamb ribs, slow cooked beef rib, BBQ chicken and pork

BBQ & More 49.9

Grain fed pork, slow cooked beef rib, BBQ chicken, lamb ribs and Caesar salad

Sweet Ending Platter 39.9

Chef selections of decadent sweets


Crispy Prawns 19.9

Mirin & miso beurre blanc, sautéed greens, bell pepper chilli jam

BBQ Palm sugar and Lime Chicken Salad (GF) 16.9

Asian greens & cress, seasonal berries, slow roasted tomato, honey soy ginger dressing

Chargrilled Honey Soy Pork and Slaw Salad (GF) 16.9

Melange of cabbage and confetti of vegetables, orange and champagne

Caesar Salad 16.9

Baby cos lettuce, naan garlic croutons, bacon, anchovy and parmesan dressing

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Soup (V) 12

Infused with light curry and lime leaf, honey, sweet corn, naan bread.

Burgers, Buns & Sliders

Darling Downs Wagyu Beef Burger 19.9

Matured cheddar, bacon, beetroot, bell pepper relish, fried egg, brioche bun and side chips

Crispy Maple Soy Fried Chicken Burger 18

Marinated chicken, aioli chiffonade, Asian slaw, matured cheddar, caramelised onion, peri peri mayo and side chips

Crispy Eggplant Parmigiana Burger (V) 16

Remoulade iceberg chiffonade, Napoli and cheddar cheese, orange slaw and chips

Seared Barramundi Burger 18

Lettuce, tomato, crisp vegetables, remoulade dressing, side salad and chips

Honey Soy BBQ Pork, Steamed Bun Slider 16.9

Steamed bao buns, Asian slaw, fresh corriander and kewpie mayo

Maple and Peri Peri Crispy Chicken, Steamed Bun Slider 16.9

Aioli chiffonade and orange vinaigrette slaw

Pasta & Noodles

Seafood Linguine 26.9

Prawns, calamari, mussels, salmon, cherry tomato, garlic, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil

Chicken, Mushroom and Pancetta Linguine 23.9

Simmered in white wine, cream, Napoli, hint of chilli, topped with Parmesan cheese

Fresh Filled Ravioli of the Day (V) 23.9

Tossed in vine ripened tomato and herb sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese

Spaghetti or Linguine in your choice of sauce

all’Amatriciana – lean bacon, chunky tomato, hint of chilli, Parmesan cheese 23.9

Napolitana – olive oil, garlic, chunky tomato, herbs, Parmesan cheese 23.9 (V)

Carbonara – pancetta, garlic, cream, egg yolk, Parmesan cheese 23.9

Marinara – prawns, mussels, salmon, calamari, tomatoes and herbs 26.9

Sweet Potato Vermicelli (GF, V) 23.9

Oriental greens, mixed sprouts, red pimiento, shiitake mushroom, mirin sweet soy
+ BBQ chicken and prawns (25.9)

Stir-fried Udon Noodle (V, VG) 22.9

Crisp vegetables, eggs, sprouts, mushroom, light soy, sweet chili and sesame oil (V)
+ Calamari and prawns (25.9)

BBQ, Ribs, Steaks & Mains

Smoked BBQ Grain Fed Pork (GF) 26.9

Marinated in honey, lime, soy, garlic, stir-fry sweet potato vermicelli, crisp Asian vegetables

BBQ Free Range Chicken (GF) 26.9

Marinated in palm sugar, pepper, calamansi, garlic, served with crisp vegetable salad and chips

Slow Cooked Beef Ribs (GF) 28.9

Slowly baked in herbs and spices, side salad and herb potato wedges

Char siu Lamb Ribs (GF) 28.9

Sweet potato vermicelli and crisp vegetables

Smoked BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs 26.9

Slow cooked in dry rubs, baby lettuce & cress, spiced baked apple salad, chips

Chargrilled Boneless Half Chicken (GF) 26.9

Marinated in honey, palm sugar, lime, sweet chilli, mango and cucumber salad

Angus Reserve Porterhouse Steak 250g (GF) 36.9

House made steak fries, side salad and red wine jus

Grain-fed Rib Eye Steak 350g (GF) 38.9

House made steak fries, side salad and red wine jus

Grain-fed rump steak 250g (GF) 28.9

House made steak fries, side salad and red wine jus

The Reef & Beef 29.9

Slow cooked beef ribs, barramundi and crispy prawns, lemon herb butter, sautéed potato and crisp salad

BBQ & Grill (GF) 28.9

Maple and soy BBQ pork, honey and lime chicken, char siu lamb ribs, side salad and home-made fries

Seared Atlantic Salmon 26.9

Lime leaf scented green peas, miso mustard beurre blanc, linguini al olio and sweet pepper ginger relish

Grilled Barramundi Fillet (GF) 26.9

Baby lettuce, mango, cucumber, tomato and coriander salad

Mille Feuille of Crispy Eggplant (V) 24

Shiitake mushroom, sweet potato & corn and Japanese curry sauce

Small Bites & Tasting (5 – 7pm)

Maple glaze BBQ pork in steamed bao bun 12

Char siu lamb ribs, sprout salad (GF) 14

Lime & palm sugar BBQ chicken, soy glaze (GF) 12

Garlic grilled prawns, bell pepper chilli jam (GF) 14

Seared barramundi, mango salsa (GF) 12

Grain fed beef short ribs, maple BBQ glaze (GF) 14

Maple and peri peri crispy chicken, steamed bun slider 12

Crispy eggplant, curried mushrooms, sweet potato cassoulet (V) 12

Add On

Potato fries 6.0

Garden salad 5.0

Sweet potato chips 7.0

Stir-fried vegetables 5.0

Asian slaw 5.0

Sweet Ending

American Style Cheesecake, vanilla bean ice cream and berry compote 11.9

Dark chocolate and hazelnut gateaux, whipped cream, seasonal berries 11.9

Sticky Date Pudding, vanilla bean ice cream and berry compote 11.9

Coconut and pandan crème brulee 11.9

Purple Yam Parfait, jackfruit & coconut palm compote 11.9

Mango Crèpe and vanilla bean ice cream 11.9