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Fuel Up Your Belly with
Pre-Theatre Dining at Ginger
Olive Restaurant and Grill

Off to a theatre? Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill is the perfect place to grab a bite before heading to the theatre. One of the finest restaurants in the city, Ginger Olive is located at the heart of Melbourne CBD and only a short walk from the city’s major theatres and other live show venues.

As one of the best restaurants in Melbourne, we pride ourselves in having designed our menu to show off the wonderful ingredients produced in Victoria. Why not fuel your evening at Ginger Olive before you head to the theatre? Enjoy our amazing selection of BBQ, Ribs, Steaks & Grills and our authentic pastas and exquisite noodles.

Browse our full list of brilliant menu items to taste Ginger Olive’s finest delights. If you’re with a large group, booking is recommended though not necessary.

Tips for Pre-Theatre Dining in Melbourne

Having a meal before a theatre show is the best way to start your evening. Nobody wants to come to the theatre with an empty belly! Pre-theatre dining is the right thing to do when you want to see your favourite character without the feeling of hunger. You’d want to focus on the story, not your growling stomach!

Pre-theatre dining options in Melbourne are as diverse as the city itself. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there are almost limitless places to eat before catching a show. In fact, there are so many choices that even deciding where to go can be tricky. Whether you like barbecue, grill, steak, or fine dining, there’s something for everyone. However, with so many choices it can be difficult to know where to go. Check out some of these tips for the ultimate pre-theatre dining experience in Melbourne.


Plan ahead and know
where you’re going

The first rule of pre-theatre dining is to plan ahead. Finding a place to eat before going to the theatre can be as important as the show you’re about to see. Almost right after you book your theatre tickets, you should also book your table to ensure you kick off your evening smoothly.

The distance between the theatre and the restaurant is key for pleasant pre-theatre dining. Since you wouldn’t want to worry whether you’re getting to the stalls in time while you’re eating, the restaurant you choose should be located nearby the theatre. The best pre-theatre dining spots are in the city centre and are easily accessible by foot.

On this note, Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill is the destination of choice for diners seeking to eat before catching a show, whether it’s at a theatre or other live show venues. Our restaurant is located within the immediate vicinity of the city’s six major theatres as we’re in Melbourne’s East End Theatre District.


Look out
for offers

Some restaurants do pre-theatre specials or even offer a set menu for their pre-theatre meals. Meanwhile, others let you choose from their full menus. Either way, you should check the menu online beforehand so that you know what’s on offer. Should you have a ticket to any of the productions in town, whether it’s at Her Majesty’s Theatre, the Regent or other Melbourne’s many theatres and live venues, you’ll still want to plan ahead for what comes before. This will help you to make an informed decision and give a rough picture of what you’re getting so that you’re not surprised or even confused as to what you should choose when you get there.

Browse the full list of our menu here to give you a sense of the kind of food and style our restaurant offers. From pre-theatre drinks to a casual dinner, or something a bit grander, Ginger Olive has got you covered to complete your theatre experience. And when you’re ready to make a decision for what you’re having before a show, go ahead and book a table! Follow us on social media to keep an eye on any specials or promotions we do. Or if you have questions, give us a ring! We’d be happy to provide you with any information you need.


your seat

Got a ticket for the theatre and plan to have dinner before or after the show? You are one step closer to a memorable evening. So don’t let fully-booked situations ruin your night. And when you have a show to catch, who has the time to be waitlisted?

It tends to be more chaotic before the show, so people might prefer to eat afterwards. But if you do dine pre-show, making a reservation before you get to the restaurant is highly recommended to ensure an enjoyable evening. You should make a reservation as early as possible so you have plenty of time to get your meals, pay your bill and then get to the theatre and find your seat.

You need a place where you will leave in time to catch the show but you don’t want to do that at the expense of a good meal. Then ideally, you’d want to try Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill. Among the city’s best restaurants, ours is located at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and only a couple-minute walk from any theatre and live show venue you love in the East End Theatre District. Reservations are not necessary but if you come in with large groups, we recommend booking a table.


Go early; the
earlier, the better

If you can, try and go to the restaurant a few hours before the show. This will give you plenty of time to eat and make your way to the theatre. If you go to a restaurant when it’s too close to the show, there’s a chance that it will take you longer to eat, which may mess up your plan. If you really don’t have that much time, then it may be worth going somewhere that serves quick, simple food, like a sandwich or a salad.

While it’s true that Melbourne’s East End Theatre District is never short of dining and drinking options, restaurants can get too chaotic pre-shows. To truly have a pleasant evening at the theatre, you’d want to make it before the final call without sacrificing your pre-theatre dining experience. So going early cannot be overstated.

This is why proximity to your theatre of choice is paramount when it comes to pre-theatre dining. Rated among the best restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill is a short walking distance from the city’s six major theatres. We are closest to the Regent so come by whenever you have tickets for a performance showing at the glorious theatre!

Ginger Olive: Your go-to choice for pre-theatre dining in Melbourne

Pre-theatre dining can be a great way to start your night out. Not only will it help you avoid getting hungry during the show, but it will also give you a chance to socialise with your friends or family before the performance begins. Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill is your go-to choice for a complete theatre evening. Anytime you visit the theatre or other live show venues, Ginger Olive’s menus are always ready to welcome your appetite. Just like a theatre, Ginger Olive is the place to serve you a taste to remember.

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