Set the scene for romance this Valentine’s Day at Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill

At Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill, nestled in the vibrant heart of Melbourne at Shop 2, 38 Manchester Lane, we understand that Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of love, but an experience that tantalises all the senses, especially taste. This February 14th, we are thrilled to unveil a special set menu for dinner, meticulously designed to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for you and your beloved.

Valentine's Day at Ginger Olive

Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill – A Valentine’s Day Culinary Experience

As you step into the warm and welcoming ambiance of Ginger Olive, the scent of fresh herbs and the soft hum of an intimate setting will greet you, setting the stage for a night of indulgence and romance. Our Valentine’s Day set menu is an ode to love, crafted with passion and featuring the finest ingredients, each dish is a testament to the culinary expertise that Ginger Olive is renowned for.

A Valentine's Day Culinary Experience

The Prelude to Passion – A Complimentary Sparkling Valentine Cocktail

Begin your evening with a toast to love with our Sparkling Valentine Cocktail, a bubbly concoction that perfectly sets the tone for the romantic evening ahead. This exclusive cocktail is a mix of enchanting flavours designed to captivate your palate and elevate your spirit.

Indulge in Love: A Valentine’s Day Culinary Journey at Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill


An Amuse-Bouche of Elegance – Foretaste

The culinary journey commences with a ‘Foretaste’, a duo of grilled Mediterranean vegetables paired with the creamy texture of goat’s cheese feta, accompanied by herb lavosh. The dish is complemented by a sumptuous sweetcorn & kumara veloute, delicately drizzled with coriander oil, promising a symphony of flavours that dance harmoniously on the tongue.


Igniting Your Inner Desire – Stimulate

Choose to ‘Stimulate’ your senses with one of two exquisite options. For the lover of the sea, the Oriental herb-infused confit of Atlantic salmon, coupled with a ratatouille of Mediterranean vegetables, saffron & vanilla bean nage offers a gluten-free (GF) delight that promises to enliven the senses. Alternatively, the Three Cheese Ravioli, adorned with wild mushroom & black truffle ragout, is a vegetarian (V) dream, its earthy flavours providing a rich and memorable palate pleaser.


The Heart of the Feast – The Main Event

The ‘Main Event’ is our Ginger Olive Alluring Platter, a testament to our love for culinary perfection. Indulge in slow-cooked beef ribs, charsui lamb, and oyster natural, each bite tender and bursting with flavour. For a touch of the ocean, savour the grilled and grilled bay bugs, coupled with fresh asparagus and a refreshing side salad.


A Sweet Epilogue of The Day – The Sweet Ending

No celebration of love would be complete without a ‘Sweet Ending’. Our Decadent Morsels of Signature Sweets to Share are the perfect finale to this culinary love story. Relish the indulgence of Valrhona Dark Chocolate Mousse, the freshness of Strawberry Romanoff, and the unique Purple Yam Parfait, each a lovingly crafted dessert that will linger in your memory long after the evening has ended.

Savour the Romance With Your Loved Ones on February 14th At Ginger Olive

Savour the Romance With Your Loved Ones
Savour the Romance With Your Loved Ones

At Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill, we are not just serving food; we are curating an experience. This Valentine’s Day, let us take you and your loved one on a culinary journey filled with love, flavour, and unforgettable moments. Each dish in our set menu has been thoughtfully designed to celebrate love in its most delicious form.

Join us at Ginger Olive Restaurant & Grill this Valentine’s Day, where love and flavour intertwine to create a dining experience that truly celebrates the art of love.

Book now for an exquisite Valentine's Day dinner

Book now for an exquisite Valentine’s Day dinner on Feb 14th and let us make your evening unforgettable!